Musculoskeletal Therapy Testimonials


Following my first reconstruction, Matt treated me on a monthly basis to assist with movement, mobility and pain management through manipulation and myofascial release of muscles. I required a second reconstruction to remove pins and wires and further reconstruct the joint after sustaining such serious injury initially. Matt assisted in release and preparation both physically and mentally before surgery and post surgery care. After the initial injury, my confidence had suffered also. Post surgery, Matt assisted with movement, massage and muscle release. I had extensive bruising and pain from the surgery and Matt’s techniques and treatment significantly improved my recovery timeframe and healing, particularly in comparison to my first reconstruction. Matt has been a key ingredient in my successful recovery both physically and emotionally. I have found him to be a knowledgable and dedicated professional and would not have such good results should I have been without his expertise and care.

Matt Archer  – Marathon

The most underprepared marathon I’ve done since my first one, basically a 4 week block of training with virtually no speed work while trying to manage my hip issues. Pretty happy with 3:28 & ran almost pain free. A big thanks to Matt Baker, he’s miracle work. He’s help & support of me this year has been awesome. I’ll never get sick of running into the MCG, it truly is the field of dreams.

Hugh QAS Athlete

Musculoskeletal / Remedial Therapy

Comment: !“Being a Track and Field athlete, new injuries and little niggles are problems I face on a weekly basis.

A lot of the time it’s just a matter of learning to cope with these niggles, however since I’ve been going to Matt, there has not been a problem that Matt couldn’t diagnose and properly fix. From bruised heels, shoulder, patella pain to lower back pain, Matt’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable!”

Hugh Tait- 1st in Queensland State Long Jump.

Hockey Player

For 15 years I have struggled with lower leg injuries and pain. After a trail of orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, chiropractors and physios I still had no long term results. Matt’s knowledge of the pressure sport puts on the body is very impressive, he not only treated the symptoms to keep me pain free through a two week hockey championship, but identified the cause and has gone above and beyond to give me the assistance and advice to address the problem – I wish I was referred to him 15 years ago.

Jessica – Relaxation Massage

I would have happily paid hundreds for Matt today. Very impressed with your relaxation treatment. Nice to meet you. Thank you very much Jessica

Victoria – Reconstruction

Musculoskeletal Therapy Testimonials

After badly breaking my elbow in a biking accident, I underwent a full reconstruction surgery along with wire and pins fitted to my elbow joint. I sought assistance from Matt approximately 6 months post surgery to relieve pain in my elbow and associated pain in my neck, back and shoulder. In addition to this, I had limited mobility and nerve injury in the joint. Matt was able to identify and treat these areas extremely effectively due to his in depth knowledge of the human body and muscular-skeletal therapies.