Pain Management

Muscular and Joint Pain

Move Well Musculoskeletal Remedial Therapy can be effective treatments for muscles, ligaments, tendons and pain from all joints of the body.

We can assist where there is:

  • Ligament sprains and tears
  • Limited range of motion or joint stiffness, with or without pain, at any joint in the limbs or spine
  • Suspected muscle tears, sports injuries, bruising or when there is pain with, or from, muscular contraction
  • Tendon pains or tendinitis such as tennis elbow
  • Significantly limiting and painful range of motion such as frozen shoulder
  • Inflammations of any structure such as bursitis of the shoulder or hip
  • Arthritic pains


Headaches and Migraines

Move Well Musculoskeletal Remedial Therapy, can be effective for the treatment and management of headache and migraine. These therapies are often used to complement standard medical care and can often reduce the need for pain relieving medications. They can provide a reliable, long-term solution especially when used together.