Sports and Hyperbaric

Injuries caused by sports-related activities remain a substantial concern with players, coaches and parents alike. As inflammation and pain play primary roles with respect to recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and ameliorate pain.

Additionally, HBOT can promote fibroblast / collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds. New evidence supports HBOT as an adjunct & practical treatment to help moderate the effects of traumatic brain injuries and enhance brain imaging results.

HBOT is often utilized by doctors and patients to help reach a full recovery from high-impact insults to the body and is currently used by some of the US Olympic teams to treat sports-related injuries as a part of their official medical techniques and equipment. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for sports related injuries.

Musculoskeletal / Remedial Therapy